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8 avaliações de JBL Flip 2 Alto-falante portátil

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    Okay, this is a must have for the classroom! I have gone through so many speakers as a teacher it isn’t even funny. I’ve had all different kinds and none of them could withstand elementary school. I was very frustrated with the speaker I bought just before the JBL… I went to a friend’s house and she had this speaker. She was cleaning and was playing music from her phone wirelessly. You could hear it through her whole house. It sounded so crisp and nice. Nothing like what I was fighting with in my classroom. I decided to buy the JBL and see if it would be a good fit for my room. I love that I can connect via Bluetooth to my phone. I can play music while the kids work and not have to have my phone right by the speaker. I also love that everyone in the room can hear videos when we watch them. It charges and stays charged so I can move the speaker around the room if I need to. I haven’t figured out how to have my laptop sync to the JBL, but plugging it into the jack works just fine. I don’t have to deal with a lot of cords. It’s perfect. And if we want to get our room bumpin’ we can! It’s small enough that it fits pretty much anywhere and not bulky at all.

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    Daniel Frankel

    The award-winning Flip 2 wireless portable speaker from JBL brings rich sound into your portable lifestyle for all your wireless phones and tablets. Engineered with JBL aptitude and attitude, the Flip 2 uses two drivers and a built-in bass port for powerful bass that adds dynamic depth to your listening experience along with crisp vocals all in a speaker that fits in your hand. And because sometimes your phone is for more than music, the Flip 2 has a built in microphones and SoundClear® echo and noise cancellation technologies so you can use Flip 2 as a hands free speakerphone and never miss a word. JBL Flip 2 the wireless, portable, rechargeable battery powered speaker that is an all-terrain party you can carry in the palm of your hand.Above is what JBL says about this product. IT COULD NOT BE MORE ACCURATE. Incredible, incredible speaker. Especially for the price.I’ve tried a few different brands (I won’t bash anyone), only positive stuff here. But by far, the JBL Flip 2 is the best portable speaker I’ve ever owned or even used. Recommend to everyone who is looking for a portable speaker. The price, sound and look simply cannot be beat.

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    andrew demiar

    I purchased this about 2 months ago. I decided to go with this one even though there were some reviews about poor battery life. It wasn’t a huge deal for me because I keep it plugged in most of the time. During our park picnic day with a bunch of friends and family, I had it playing for about 4-5 hours straight at medium to high volume and it lasted the entire outing without problems, actually it died as we were getting ready to leave. I do like the speaker phone too, the mic seemed to pickup my voice from about 10+ feet away without me yelling, no issues with echoing, background noise, etc. was reported. When I wanted to switch to speaking on my phone it took one click of a button. When I hung up the call, BAM! music was automatically reinstated! A pleasant surprise for me, I like when things just work.Th Flip 2 uses the same micro USB charger as my phone which is a big +++. Sound quality is great for the price, it gets pretty loud without major distortion and the bass is…decent (still better than most bluetooth speakers I have tested). I did compare the BOSE Soundlink mini with it and I will say that BOSE has a great base tone compared with the JBL Flip 2, but its double the price with no speaker phone. The JBL was much clearer in the mids and highs (where BOSE seemed to lack). The JBL has better overall sound compared with BOSE’s muddy but powerful bass. If you are all about bass then the extra $100 is worth it for the BOSE, but for overall clean sound and a great speakerphone (and price!) the JBL Flip 2 takes the cake for me. I am very happy with this purchase.On a side note, the new NFC compatibility is useless for me when you can use bluetooth without any issues. I am not sure what the intended purpose for adding this feature was. The bluetooth pairing is so easy and automatically reconnects when you want to go back to it. Plus, I was able to walk about 20 or so feet without realizing my phone was in my pocket, it still played without skipping a beat. If I were JBL I would get rid of NFC and slap in a better battery.

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    I bought this after my Jambox gave up the ghost. Purchasing this made me realize how mediocre a product the Jambox was! The Flip 2’s sound is fantastic. Full, loud, clear, no distortion. Believe what everyone else is saying about it. My Jambox would make popping and hissing noises constantly.I love that it’s stable and stays put while in use. Jambox would vibrate and move, which ultimately led to its demise (shook itself off a table one too many times). This can be played on its end or laid down and it stays put. I really appreciate that it’s weighted in the back so it won’t roll around. Very thoughtful design here.I never intended to use it as a speaker phone, but one time I got a call while it was paired with my phone, so I tried it out. Crystal clear calling, and the internal mic picked me up from all around my bedroom as I moved about. Was impressed!I agree that the battery life is a bit short, which isn’t a big problem for me because I use it mostly at home and I make sure it’s fully charged before I take it out with me. My one complaint is that it doesn’t warn me before it dies. Would appreciate a low battery alert so that I know to plug it in if I want to keep listening. Bums me out when I’m jamming in the shower and then it cuts off in the middle of a good song :(But otherwise, five enthusiastic stars. Fantastic product.

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    Bought Bose Soundlink Mini, Bought UE Boom, Bought Jawbone Mini Jambox and JBL Flip. Put them all to the test. Here are my reasons for why I chose the flip 2. Bose is great, the name stands behind it, but its heavy, proprietary charger makes it difficult to charge when you dont have an ac outlet, you have to take off the $30 cover to charge it, distorts at high volume on certain types of music, great for indoors but not for outdoor use, UE Boom sounds great but Flip 2 is louder, can’t charge UE Boom in car, i.e. cigarette lighter with usb adapter, needs AC power, also had some glitches, returned it, not worth $199. Jawbone mini is Ok but too pretty for outdoor use and lacked the volume and clarity. Chose JBL Flip 2 has 12 watts 2×6 has speakerphone with echo cancelling, made calls and people didnt know I was on it, Also sound is way loud and clear, JBL took the flip a step up with the flip 2. Kudos JBL. battery lfe could be a bit better but at lower volumes it last longer, you can also charge this one in the car with the usb adapter to the cigarette lighter of your car. no worries there. I work outdoors on a aerial lift sometimes 30 feet up and its nice to have music up there if your there for hours. I tried all other speakers in the price range and went with the JBL flip 2 overall hands down winner. Hope this helps!!

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    Nedzad Mehic

    I bought 1 for myself,1 for my sister’s birthday present after week’s of research and reviewing reviews, and I am absolutely blown away by the quality,clarity and the volume of the sound this little guy is able to produce. .I have heard quite few Bluetooth speakers so far,and this one is without a single doubt in my mind the best $80 can buy,and probably better then most under $200..There is no distortion even at the highest volume level,not sure what few people are talking about,or what crappy quality music they were streaming. .Also,the bass is just right,maybe a tiny bit light for my taste,but unlike most other speakers that try to sound big and simply over-do It and end up sounding distrorted,I consider that a plus..I still can’t believe that all that sound comes out of a beer-can sized speaker. .It’s seems sturdy,built well and feels solidly heavy in the hand..The carrying case is nice and very protective . Can’t comment on battery life yet,but 3-5 hrs sounds great to me..Do yourself a favor,and get one of these if you’re in the market, you’ll be glad you did..Update after 5 month’s of almost daily use:at higher volume levels, I’ll get 3 hour’s or so,but 2 week’s ago I had it playing at lower level at work (clinical setting),and played from 8:30 am until almost 2 pm,with some juice still left in the battery when I plugged it in (it was down to the last led light ),so more then enough for everyday use.It helps if you increase the volume on your phone to the max,and then set the volume on the speaker to as loud as you want it..

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    Omar Gallardo

    Absolutely love it! I’ve had lots of issues with speakers before. Some are not loud enough and others are loud but not clear. The JBL speaker offers both awesome sound quality and loudness. The size was a big sell for me as I love to carry speakers in by backpack when I hit the trails. Only reason I give it four stars is because of price. Nearly 100 dollars is a bit hefty for a portable speaker. Edit: after having used it for a while now I can say that the price is definitely worth the quality. The battery life of four hours is awesome for taking to the beach along with a portable battery stick that makes it last nearly 10 hours. The sound quality is by far the best i’ve heard from such a small speaker. Extremely pleased.

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    This is the second JBL Flip 2 we have bought. Great little speaker with big sound! We’ve bought a few other similarly sized bluetooth speakers, and while they sound okay, they don’t have the richness in sound and ranges in tone that the JBL Flip 2 produces.This speaker charges quickly and a charge lasts for several hours. It easily pops into a tote to take anywhere! We’ve even used it in vehicles with older radios without bluetooth capability, pairing this speaker with our device of choice. The sound is great and easily fills a 15 passenger van as well as good sized residential and outdoor spaces =o).Very happy with this speaker and would highly recommend, especially at the $58 sale price!

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