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    Htet Khant

    I bought the bundle that came with 1 physical copy and 2 digital copies. Upon opening the package, it says on the coupon that the redeemable codes for the digital games expired on March 30 2020 which was before the product arrived. Upon contacting the seller, I was informed that Sony Playstation extended the expiry date to 12/31/2020. And I was able to redeem it after initial network issues. So please check your network connection if you are unable to redeem the digital copies. It should work!

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    I downloaded the Horizon complete edition and the God of war game at the same time with good internet connection, which caused the PS4 to freeze up. so um dont do that.Came back next morning and it finished downloading so its good now. I love it so far!!Great graphics, the controller has awesome feedback, no lag.

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    marcos jota


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    Not so much a review as I just wanted to post some photos. This is a fantastic deal, hopefully you were quick enough to snag one here or at another retailer. Of note is that the 2 download game vouchers are stated to expire 03/31/20. (The Last of Us is a physical disc.) Enjoy!

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    Repairman Jack

    I don’t know what you can say about a machine that’s been on the market for several years, that hasn’t been said. The console seems to work fine. Set up was easy, so was connecting it to the web. The games as has been pointed out, are two vouchers, and one actual disc for The Last of Us. The controller works great, and feels good, but the battery life is awful. I could get a couple weeks of casual play out of a Xbone controller, with Enloops. The PS4 controller wanted a recharge after about 2 hours of use.Good machine that I am happy with overall.

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