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    Took a couple of hours to tweak to get just perfect. But it’s beautiful once all was done. Easy set up and easy setup functions. Picture is great. Sound is great (running through sound bar – Yamaha). Sound out of tv is loud enough but needs bass. Picture is crisp and clear. Colors are vivid and accurate. This tv is a 5/5. Not sure what all the negative reviews are talking about. This tv is great!2 weeks later: a bit more tweaking and the picture is superb! Vibrancy, color, detail, brightness, depth all fantastic. Even sound directly through tv isn’t bad. Still using sound bar for a bit more bass, but that’s just my own preference.

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    Samsung Ambassador

    The delivery came 90 minutes early. The setup instructions were clear. I mounted it on the wall using a single ARC HDMI connection to a Samsung soundbar. The electronic setup was easy- the prompts were intuitive and the process was easy. After setup, the TV remote also controlled the soundbar and Blu Ray.The 4k content from Netflix looks awesome. The 1080 content from all sources looks good. I wish there was more 4k content.I followed instructions to integrate Alexa and Ring. It worked immediately. I can ask Alexa to show the Ring doorbell view on the TV.I cut the cable cord with this purchase via YouTube TV. I connected it to the Internet via an Ethernet cable to my router. All of the connections worked the first time out.

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    Larry Roberts

    TV a little too dumbed down to make it “easier” for not-too-savvy users. Additionally, you cannot find out all the information on the choices that the TV makes for you. A good (not great) picture, too few HDMI connections, mediocre sound even with the paired sound bar made for that TV. All these put the TV into a “little-too-costly” category.

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    This tv is awesome. Don’t pay attention to the negative reviews because every new model of electronics will have issues.QLED color spectrum: just incredible. It makes every color simply pop! I was watching ER from 1994 and man, a show that’s 15 years old looks like it was filmed only a couple months ago. Remember if you’re going to watch a disc, you’ll need a 4K/UHD Blu-ray player to get the most out of your tv.Software: remember when to download the most recent update from Samsung to your tv. It’s just like an iPhone, if you don’t update it may run slow or buggy. One thing I also did was uninstall then reinstall the apps so they were up to date. Worst case, because your tv is an actual computer, if it freezes (which mine has a couple of times), just press/hold the power button on the remote and it’ll reboot your tv. If you just press the power button with no hold, it more or less puts the tv in standby.Edgelit vs Backlit: I was a little worried when I saw the bleeding on a couple of screens due to edge lighting vs back lighting, but honestly I think those customers just got a lemon. It happens. Nothing anyone can do about it. I have no bleeding on my screen and the picture is absolutely stunning when viewing a 4K Blu-ray movie.Remote: the remote is universal for all Samsung products connected to the tv. As soon as I turned the tv on the sound bar and 4K Blu-ray player were immediately recognized and everything seemed to sync up. So awesome and time saving.Ambient Mode: I haven’t really played with this too much. I mean I could have my tv on with cool pictures, but I honestly don’t care. When I’m done watching I just turn it off.Overall I think this is an amazing find. The only thing I wish it had were more HDMI ports. 5 or 6 should be the new standard. Anyway, buy this tv, you honestly won’t regret it!!!

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    So far I am very happy with my choice. Very easy to set up. My Bose soundbar and PS4 work well with this TV.I did purchase the 4-year warranty with this one. Crashed and burned with Vizo never again.Watching Supernatural it’s like they were right there in the room with you.I am enjoying the Ambient modeThe only thing is I wish you can change Bixbys Wake word I would like to just say Bixby instead of Hi Bixby every time.So far this has been a smart purchase

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