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6 avaliações de Samsung 75TU8000FXZA, modelo 2020: Electronics

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    K. Chambliss

    So i went to every store i could over last 8 months to view the picture and quality of different brands and models. i came to the conclusion that for the most part i liked Samsung models best for picture quality and clarity. I then researched the different Samsung models and chose the 4K UHD 7 series due to price, Picture Quality as well as having Alexa built in. i have been using it for 2 weeks now and we love it. I cant get over how i feel watching shows or movies and the feeling i get, I feel like i am there with them, so real like. My opinion there. Easy to set up, easy to connect, set up took 30 minutes and most done by myself only needed my wife to hang it on my telescopic arm so no reason to be afraid of the 65 inch size. i highly recommend this unit to anyone.

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    The specs on this are confusing because this Amazon page does not correspond to the specs on other websites. For instance it says 60 fps here but 120 fps elsewhere. After research the 55″ and larger are 120 fps, the smaller are 60 fps. Also it notes 2 HDMI here and 3 elsewhere. I believe this is also to do with the size of the television you bought but not sure. Even when viewing a 55″ or larger tv the compare feature here is still showing for their smaller versions.This has lead to a lot of “I didn’t know this was 60 fps when I bought it but I can’t tell” because it is actually 120 if 55″ or larger.Hope this helps, look up the stats elsewhere.Besides this the tv is great, the colors are amazing compared to a normal tv but the RU8000 has a deeper color palette. Basically this is the economy version of the RU8000 but performs very well. It does very well, maybe even the best in it’s class for 4k. The input lag is very low so this could be used for gaming very easily. The gaming mode actually scores better than the movie picture mode in most reviews. The initial settings will need to be tweaked to run this at it’s full potential. Just look up online the best setting than your good to go. After being optimized this tv scored a 9.0 for 4k TV’s, pre-optimized settings it scored a 7.9

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    Good tv

  4. Avaliação 5 de 5
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    Samsung Solutions

    Amazing tv, easy to use and setup and my games looking amazing

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    Samsung Solutions

    This tv is awesome. Thought it had 4 hdmi ports, but I bought a splitter so that should fix the problem. Games and movies look amazing. Also, if your soundbar is Samsung it will find or request to connect to the tv instantly.

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    Iasia Lorick

    I used to own the Samsung MU6300 but in February it fell and the screen cracked. So when I was looking for a new TV I saw this one but it didn’t have many reviews at the time nor positive ones. But I took a chance and I love the TV; the bezels are thinner and the picture is actually pretty good. They also have all the apps that I needed and use. I know some people have said it’s too dark sometimes but I don’t really have that problem day time or night; you can always switch the picture to dynamic anyways. Overall it’s great and I’m glad I bought it.

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